Crusher - "Endless Torment"

Total Metal Records (2012)

A thrash trio from the Ukraine- forming in 2007 and releasing their debut album in 2012 after issuing an EP in 2010. “Endless Torment” represents the raw, unpolished metal I remember fueling my mid 80’s youth- artists like Sacrifice, Cyclone and early Slayer come to mind for this 9 track, 31 minute platter. Guitarist Dyatel Yaroslav doubles on vocals, and his savage cries from the cauldron make “On The Needle” and “Skatanic Ride” instant highlights. The main verses may be balls to the wall with finger picking speed plus Babayev Ruslan’s snare and cymbals dominating the sonic landscape, but the three-piece know when to shift down and create those mid-tempo parts sure to mandate crowd participation.

I’m sure if they stick around a little longer, the hooks will get stronger- but for now “Endless Torment” is an exercise in what blood and guts thrash should be about- explosive energy translating to fierce, relentless musical compositions.


Rating: 4 / 6

Composed by Matt Coe

Roy Kristensen 02.05.2012 08:43

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