Baht - "In My Veins"

self-released (2012)

At first I found "In My Veins" pretty good. Great sound, powerful and loads of great melodies. However, on my fifth listen the one major impression that is stuck is boredom. The songs didn't develop, or grow if you will, the sound was too nice and the vocals were one-dimensional. I mean, where's the death in death metal? Turkish Baht will most likely appeal to many people, both because of their origin and due to many great melodies. However, I want my death metal way more deadly...


Rating: 3 / 6

Composed by Roy Kristensen

Roy Kristensen 30.04.2012 07:56

RE:Baht -
Many great melodies? Sounds like I could devour it with pleasure!
Dethster4life 02.05.2012 23:50
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