Cannibal Corpse - "Torture"

Nuclear Blast Records (2012)

You know what you get. As with some other bands, such as AC/DC, Motörhead, Slayer et al, Cannibal Corpse can't take too many turns. Fast and brutal death metal with a couple of exceptions. What else is new?

One could of course bring up the question of necessity. I mean, do we really need another Cannibal Corpse album? Frankly speaking, of course we don't. Then again, do we need to eat another piece of candy? Of course not, but still, we're onto the next chocolate, the next Pepsi Max, the next TV-show we don't have to watch... And of course we dig into "Torture" with the knowledge that the wheel will not be reinvented today, nor any other days in the world of Cannibal Corpse.

What Cannibal Corpse do is do to their thing with conviction, such as the insanely heavy "Scoure Of Iron", the small bass extras here and there, the sheer brutality, Corpsegrinder's voice of death metal, buzzing guitars, pounding drums, great solos. I mean, you get what you expect. And live it's even better.


Rating: 4.5 / 6

Composed by Roy Kristensen

Roy Kristensen 13.04.2012 08:48

RE:Cannibal Corpse -
I need more!!! Love "Demented Aggression", the drums are killer. And live it IS even better! 6/6 under my watch, but I am partial to this band so I would objectively have to agree with your score... sometimes, more is better.
bollverk 03.05.2012 20:21
RE:Cannibal Corpse -
good that you wrote the review, not me, because I am partial and just fucking love this album! Demented Aggression! And it IS even better live!
bollverk 03.05.2012 20:23
RE:Cannibal Corpse -
so I guess I am repeating myself since the comments won't show up?
bollverk 03.05.2012 20:23
RE:Cannibal Corpse -
It takes some 4-5 minutes sometimes, since the site automatically updates like every fifth minute. They play in Drammen in the beginning of June. Last time I saw them, they were grrrrreaaaaat, so I don't expect anything less this time.
Roy Kristensen 03.05.2012 22:09
RE:Cannibal Corpse -
Yeah, I saw them a six weeks ago, so you shouldn't expect anything less indeed!
bollverk 04.05.2012 23:21
RE:Cannibal Corpse -
http://m.bassplayer.com/article/alex-webster-to-the-extreme/148492 Good interview with Alex Webster, check it out!
bollverk 25.05.2012 19:15
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