Aura Noir - "Out To Die"

Indie Distribution (2012)

There you are. Listening to music. And when you're done with the eight tracks that make "Out To Die", you just wanna take a shower. You feel dirty and more or less dragged through some audio mud. Hurray, don't we all feel happy. Right now, it's foggy and raining outside. Should I dare to step outside, only to fall into the mud once again.

Enough of my rambling. I've never been much of a friend of Aura Noir. Their black thrash attack has never caught my attention. In and out in the very same second. However, every time I see them on stage I'm like "why do I feel so little when I listen to the music at home?". Luckily this is changing on this new platter "Out To Die".

You get thrash metal with the necessary ugliness that modern bands lack, filled with energy and mud. Loads of great riffs, cool breaks and a sound that's surprisingly lo-fi/hi-fi. Yes, the sound is clear enough and the music is levelled. At the same time the sound is lo-fi and enthusiastic. There's more to Norway than just black metal and rain. Nekromantheon, Deathhammer and now Aura Noir, all releasing albums this Spring.

Now, where's my beer? And I'm not speaking of some light stuff from Mexico or Spain, but something you get in the muddy pubs in Norway, namely out watered beer for a cheap price, included some atmosphere. Did I tell you that both Aggressor and Appolyon do vocals? This adds to the aura, since both sings from the gut of the mud. I mean, "Fed To The Flames" must have the best chorus in thrash metal since a long time ago.


Rating: 4.5 / 6

Composed by Roy Kristensen

Roy Kristensen 11.04.2012 08:52

RE:Aura Noir -
now I'm gonna check this out! Sounds good!
bollverk 28.04.2012 14:06
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