Katatonia - "For Funerals To Come"

Peaceville Records (2011)

This album was originally released way back in 1995 via Italy's Avantgarde Music. Now, some 17 years alters I have here in front of me the "an improved" version courtesy of Peaceville Records which decided to re-issue this lost classic.

Nothing's been altered. No re-mixes. It still sounds the same. But it doesn't look the same, thanks to the added liner-notes, for example, that Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström contributed. This adds a lot of value to this re-issue for nerds like myself that enjoy reading the recollections of rockers. There is a small change, though, as a couple of extra tracks were added to the album; "Black Erotica" and "Love of the Swan", previously only appeared on a compilation released by Wrong Again Records back in 1995.

This re-issue is definitely worth your money whether you are or aren't Katatoniaphile. The added liner notes as well as the extra album tracks make this album worth getting as well as it allows a genuine look back into Katatonia's past before they changed into the depressive rock & rollers we are more familiar with today. The only bad thing about this album is the drum sound, electric kits should be outlawed from Heavy Metal music.


Composed by Eyvindur Gauti

Roy Kristensen 07.03.2012 09:09

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