Then Moses and the Israelities sang this song to the Lord:
”I will sing to the Lord, for he has
triumphed gloriously;
horse and rider he has thrown into
the sea.

The Lord is my strength and my
and he has become my salvation:
     this is my God, and I will praise him,
my father’s God, and I will exalt
The Lord is a warrior:
     the Lord is his name.
(Exodus 15:1-3)

In recent times, you, reader, may have thought, “damn, there’s quite a lot of black metal on this website. Yeah, fine interviews and all, but isn’t it getting somewhat predictable?”. Or maybe not. Who know? Heaven knows? Ah, not at all. Since there is no heaven or hell, besides the album by you-should-know-who.

To be a bit personal, I have absolutely no faith in any kind of deity above myself, be it the one of the light, or the lightbringer, or the mater of all evil. No, I see god when I see the man in the mirror. I see myself as I regard the others – to each his own god!

But from time to time I discover that music can be created also by people more into the Bible than I am. And as you should know, the Old Testament is a book that’s more violent than Rambo IV. In Exodus 14:28, “The waters returned and covered the chariots and the chariot drivers, the entire army of Pharaoh that had followed them into the sea; not one of them remained.” Now, that’s swift violence, if you ask me. And when Amaseffer, an Israeli band, got my attention as they’ve chosen to write a trilogy based on Exodus from the Old Testament, I felt that it was time to listen to something else but dark music. “Slaves For Life” is perhaps not all light, but it’s not extreme metal. It is in fact progressive, epic rock of monstrous proportions. And it’s great. As writer Frank Bøkseth says in the Album Of The Month, “This album is highly recommended.”

The Feature Of The Month, Amaseffer, is divided into two parts. The latter will be (is) published on the 15th of August. Yuval and Hanan gave great answers, and even though I personally don’t feel the same about the Bible as they, I think their answers justify the main feature of August. And their album, more than 70 minutes of grandiose music, is not an easy listen. Or ten. As Yuval says: “The many layers in each song and the length of the album makes it interesting even after quite a few listens and this is how we like our music as listeners and it reflects in the music we write.”

Do you dare to step out of your squared box (also referred to as your own life) and discover that there is dark beauty also outside black metal? Perhaps you listen to metalcore, death metal, gothic metal, depressive rock, heavy metal…? Well, some once said “give peace a chance”. I say “give Amaseffer a chance” and while you’re in there, be sure to give history a thought. After all, the Bible is a piece of history.

And without the Bible there wouldn’t be any black metal. As well as many other things that would not be, but that’s another story. Being on the subject of black metal, there’s one band that sticks out these days. The Swedish masters Watain have released three album, and I just got news that they will re-released the two first albums through Season Of Mist. Good news for those who choose to waste their money on e-bay. However, the point is that you will be able to read a 7-piece feature on Watain in Imhotep during August. Yes, one week of Watain! Be there or be a Christian!

Composed by Roy Kristensen

Roy Kristensen 31.07.2008 19:11

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